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Our Policies

Swim Passes… Every month, we will issue a swim pass after receiving the monthly payment.  These swim passes will assign a teaching station and give the lane color. The teaching stations do not reflect class levels.  It is just an organizational tool to set up  teaching stations properly. Swim passes will be updated monthly with your payment.                  

Monthly Payments… Monthly payment forms are at the front desk.  Every client needs to fill out the information and take it to the front desk for payment processing.  Credit cards are taken at the front desk.  We have an auto debit option available as well.  All payments are due no later than the 1st of each month.

 Missed Lessons … Every client must call at least 4 hours in advance to cancel a lesson.  The Aquatic Zone assumes all students are at the lesson they are scheduled for unless the client calls us before the scheduled lesson.  We offer 1 courtesy free make up lesson per month. Once make up lessons are scheduled, they cannot be canceled and made up.  Make up lessons are scheduled 1 week in advance.  There are No make up lessons for swim team or private lessons.           

Vacation/Extended  Absence… If your family will be away for longer than a  week, we offer a credit of $6 per lesson back to you off your normal monthly  tuition. This price selection will hold your spot in the swim lesson and  guarantees it will be there upon your return. Please let us know in advance  that you will be gone so that we can adjust your monthly bill correctly.                   

Refunds… We do not offer make up’s, refunds, or credits for missed lessons unless there  is a pool closure beyond our control at which time a credit will be applied to  your account and deducted from your next month’s payment.                   

Perpetual Swim Lessons/Cancellation Policy… Perpetual swim lessons always ensure your spot in the class.  The class you signed up and paid for is yours until you tell us otherwise.  If you will not be attending the upcoming month, please inform our front desk so we may make the appropriate schedule updates.                 

Swim Diapers… Swim Diaper’s must be worn in the pool by ALL children 3 & younger who are  not potty trained.