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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take my child to learn how to swim?
The rate your child will progress will vary from child to child, just like any  other acquired skill. Some children may be more or less fearful, may be more or  less athletically inclined, etc. Once a child starts lessons, you can usually  get an idea of how fast they will progress, although some progressions tend to  take longer than others. At The Aquatic Zone, we will always maintain group  structure while still attending to your child individual needs.

Are private lessons better than group  lessons?
At The Aquatic Zone, our group lessons have a low instructor/student ratio (no  more than 4 students per class).  Therefore, our group lessons are very effective. Swim activities are geared  toward total group participation and children tend to learn from one another.
Private lessons will provide your child with more individualized attention and  instruction. We feel you know your child’s individual personality best. Some  parents prefer private lessons and we often recommend them for example for  children who have had negative past experiences in the pool or children who may  have difficulty concentrating if others are present.

Schedule of our classes?
The Aquatic Zone does not have a take home class schedule. We change classes  constantly to accommodate our graduating swimmers. Call us with days and times  that will work best for you. Our staff will work with you to find a day and  time that will meet your needs. Our goal is to make sure everyone who wants to  learn to swim can. Your convenience is our priority.

Swim more than once a week?
Consistent swim practice produces outstanding learning results. We encourage  students to swim with us once or twice per week to enhance their learning  experience at the pool. Once a week lessons provide the foundation for learning  the skill of swimming that lasts a lifetime. If you would like your child to  swim more than once a week, select an additional day and time from our  available schedule.

What about holidays?
The Aquatic Zone will credit your monthly fees the full cost of the class when  the swim school is closed.

How did you determine the swim fees?
Our prices are based on receiving an average of 4 lessons if you come 1 time  per week and 8 lessons if you come 2 times per week.  If there is a month that has more than that,  we do not charge you.  However, if that  extra day happens to fall on a day we are closed, we do not give you credit  back for that closure.  Our fees are  based on enrollment, not attendance.

What if I join in the middle of a  month?
You will pay the pro-rated amount for the month in which you are starting as  well as the amount due for the next full month by credit card or cash and then  give us your choice of payment information. You will then go onto the automatic  billing system.

How long are your sessions?
Our classes are scheduled on a month to month basis which allows classes to  continue indefinitely until you wish to take a break. There are no sessions.

When can I sign up?
Any time. Please call our office or stop by our swim school.

How do I withdraw from my class?
Just give us a call or stop by our front desk and we will take care of your  individual needs to withdraw from your classes.

Is your class schedule available on  the internet?
We offer classes all day long throughout the week. We are constantly changing  levels and classes to keep up with our swimmers graduating class needs. If we  attempted to post our class schedule, it would be incorrect before we posted  it. Please let us help you find the right class and teacher by calling us and  letting us talk you through the process.

How do I change my day or time?
You can change days or times when you find a convenient spot by talking to our  front desk. If a spot is immediately  available, we will place you on our waiting list and will do our best to make  the changes as soon as openings become available.

What if my class has only one or two  students?
If a group class has only one or two students, as always, we do reserve the  right to consolidate that class.

How do I make a teacher request?
Just ask us. We want our clients to be happy with The Aquatic Zone experience.  Teachers may move days and times as their schedules change throughout the year.  We will give you as much advanced notice as possible should this occur. We are  well aware that different students respond to different teaching personalities.  We will always try to respond to these needs. We will NEVER guarantee a teacher  and we will always reserve the right to change teachers if other considerations  require it.

What makes your program unique?
We offer the highest quality instruction available. Our students are encouraged  to enjoy the water while steadily progressing in stroke technique development.  Our instructors are highly qualified and enjoy teaching children. They remain  calm and focused in every lesson.

How long is each swim lesson?
All of the lessons we offer are 30 minutes long. In our experience,  30-minute lessons work best for children. If lessons are longer than 30  minutes, we would run the risk of losing the child’s attention and not gaining  the maximum benefit of the lesson. After you watch the first lesson, you will  see that this length of time is right for your child.

What kind of chlorination system do  you have?
Our two pools are equipped with saltwater chlorinators. The saltwater  chlorinators produce clear, purified water, free of viruses and bacteria  without packaged chlorine or shock treatments. The saltwater pool is only one  tenth as salty as seawater, and is one third as salty as saline solution. Salt  chlorinated pools virtually eliminate skin and eye irritation and make the  water feel better. We have found that this process creates softer feeling water  that breaks down greasy residues from lotions and body oils. We know you will  appreciate the extra added value of our state of the art technology. Your water  experience and comfort is our concern.